Dank = Excellent. Cool. Awesome. Top Notch. Good.
Ish = Shit. Stuff. All the Things. Everything.
Dank-ish = Cool Shit. Excellent Things. Top Notch.. well you get the point.

Thank you for checking out my Store. My name is Rochelle, I am a full time Mom and Wife and just like to make cool sh*t! It literally looks like a craft store blew up in my house. Everything sold here is handmade by me at my home in Delaware! Right now I am focusing on T-Shirts but hoping to be adding lots of cool things. All Bleached Tees and Tie Dye Tees are one of a kind! No 2 shirts are ever exactly the same! How fun!? 

Please contact me with any ideas or questions!

Quality Handmade Tees!